jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015


Grupos extremistas cristianos han realizado pintadas en las instalaciones donde se va a realizar el Hellfest en Nantes (France). Adjunto fotografía  y texto de Metal Injection.

"Hooray religion! Hellfest 2015 will begin June 19th in France, and apparently a Christian group has broken onto the grounds to spray paint perceived threats across the camp grounds. The site that reported this, ouest-france.fr, is wholly in French, so apologizes for the God-awful translation… I speak zero French. I am not helpful here.
The anti-Hellfest tore a hundred plantations, even cutting arbes in two. Dozens of entries were tagged, type "Vade retro" or "Saint-Michel save us" . In addition, an inscription sounds like a threat: "J-47, the first warning" .
Ben Barbaud, the organizer has already announced that vigilance will be enhanced. A meeting is scheduled tomorrow with the mayor and the police. A presence is now assured 24h / 24 on the site. A complaint filed will obviously be "tomorrow" .
"The First Warning" doesn't sound like it's very promising, so here's hoping the whole thing unfolds into a lot of nothing and a few spray-painted walls is the extent of the damage. There currently appears to be no followup story to this or any accusations as to who may have caused the damage."


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